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"Ambrosia" Bamboo backed hickory:

 35 lbs at 24 inch draw. Static flipped tips with curly ambrosia overlays and handle. Turned out to be a pretty quick bow for the poundage. This was Nancy's birthday bow.

"Crabby Gator Goose" bow:

 I stared at the crab apple stave for two years before I ever started to tackle this bow. One of the most challenging bows I've ever worked on. The late great Ed Scott gave me perhaps my biggest compliment by saying "this is quite possibly the coolest bow I've ever seen". I had to come up with new techniques to tiller this bow due to all the knots and their positions. I came up with what I call corkscrew tiller, weaving in and out of the knots similar to a spiral. It is 35 lbs at 26 inches.  This was really my first attempt at doing art work on a bow and I appreciate the advise from fellow bowyer and artist, Brad Smith. 

"Hooker" 90 degree static recurve:

This is Matt's personal bow.  Sinew backed Osage with cane break rattlesnake skins.  It is 40 lbs at 28 inches.  It is very smooth. Pound for pound this bow performs better or equal to many fiberglass recurves.

"Ole Muddy": 

This bow was for my good friend Cassie. We were thinking about building her a bow and she came up with the idea of having an early 1800s style ribbon map of the lower Mississippi river running down the back of the bow. I really enjoyed shooting the bow and I hope Cassie has fun with it. This bow is 30lbs at 28 inches. It is 68 inches tip to tip which allows us plenty of room to pike the ends to raise the draw weight if desired. This bow has a little bit of character. Did an early style map compass around an prominent knot hole. Also features curly maple handle and tip overlays and has an antler rest with Cassie's initials burned into it.

"Double Trouble"

This is a bamboo backed osage with canebrake rattlesnake skins for Matt Avance.  It is 43 lbs at 28 inches.  66 inches nock to nock.    Curly hard maple handle with a glued on horn arrow rest.  This bow sports a fair amount of reflex in the limbs which makes it a very good performing, hard hitting bow.   We made the matching arrows for it as well.  This was the first in our new design for our standard bow line.

"Once Bitten": 

This bow was built for my good friend Gregory. He brought a couple of the biggest copperheads I have ever seen to me and asked me if I could make him a bow. After skinning and cleaning the skins and cutting about 10 inches off of each they were still 42 and 44 inches long. The skins were beautiful. I decided to build a 90° static recurve out of Osage. This bow is sinew backed since the working limb area is fairly short compared to the overall bow length of 69 inches. This bow is very smooth and pulls 43 lbs at 28 inches. It really slings an arrow. This bow has walnut and curly maple stiffeners to keep the curves static. Antler tip overlays and a curly maple handle. I named the bow once bitten because unfortunately Gregory was once bitten on the hand that he holds his bow with. I can't wait to see the pictures from his many hunts to come with this bow. I'll post more pictures of the snakes and bow soon.


Custom bow and arrow set for "Bowkiller". Cherokee style hickory bow. Draw is 53 at 29 inches. 68 inches ntn. Bamboo arrows crested to match the bow.  I met "Bowkiller" about 2 years ago, and when I was introduced to him and learned his camp name was "Bowkiller"  I knew I had a challenge on my hands.  So far so good.


52 lbs at 28 inches.  This is a Cayuga inspired bow for Matt Blosser aka "Stumbling Wolf".  It is 68 inches nock to nock with a slight static recurve and a short non-bending handling section.  It had plenty of character in the wood, making it a little snakey.   I tried something new on this for the tip overlays.  Since Blosser does excellent scrimshaw work, I decided to try to scrimshaw the cow horn tip, with anvil representing Matt's blacksmith show and a powder horn on the other end.  After several hundred break-in shoots the bow remained very strong and was still shooting 168 FPS with a 500 grain arrow. 


This bow was built for Danny Davis. Danny was looking for a bow that resembled the "ambrosia"bow that I built for Nancy. It is a bamboo backed hickory with static recurved tips, pulling 47 pounds at 29 inches. The curves were reinforced with alternating walnut and curly ambrosia maple overlays, curly maple tips and curly ambrosia maple handle that features what I thought looked like a "Ghost" This is a very zippy bow and would be a great hunting bow as well as a target bow. It measures 67 inches’ nock to nock along the belly side. It was a pleasure to build this bow for Danny.

"Diamond Eyes":

This bow was made for Mitch Davis. Mitch and I met and become friends over a period of a few days during a rendezvous. Mitch expressed interest in having a snaky bow built with diamond backed skins on it. After talking with Mitch several times about what he wanted, I decided on a stave that had a natural gull wing shape, and lent itself to be a lighter pound bow which was what he desired. The Bow is tillered to 30 pounds at 27 inch draw. It is a fun shooter and has held its shape well. The snake skins give it an added character along with its snaky design. I couldn’t resist the temptation of doing something with the knot hole on the bottom limb.  So I decided to put a small diamond in there to represent an eye hence the name "Diamond Eyes". The bow is 66 inches nock to nock and has a short non-bent handle section with a built up leather rest and a black leather wrap.

"Laughing Crow":

“Chief” Lonny Davis requested a Cherokee bow, so I tried to pick a piece of osage worthy of a chief to build this bow for him. The wood was exceptional with only a few minor pin knots that were not a consideration. The stave had a slight wiggle right near the handle section which allowed for a closer to center shot/ arrow pass. It has a small antler rest. It is a bendy handled bow that pulls 47 pounds at 28 and 67” nock to nock. With traditional diamond shape tips, this was a very sweet shooting bow and I was pleased to see that Chief’s first shot ever on a 3D target was a kill shot. I named this bow "Laughing Crow" because while I was working on the stave, a crow came to visit and sat and cackled at me for a good hour or two. It was an honor to build this bow for Chief and I hope he has many years of enjoyment with it.


This is the first bow that Matt and Nancy worked on together.  It is an osage bow.   24 lbs at 24 inches.  It has ebony tip overlays. 

Kids Bows


Boone's newest bow that I made for his birthday. 20 lbs at 20 inch draw. Pretty zippy for a kids bow. Boone loves shooting it.

"Chicken Butt":

This is such a pretty piece of wood. Tillered to 24 inches. It was a real fun bow to make. Guess what? Chicken butt.

Thomas' Bow is a Chockow Bow. 

"Knot my fault"

This is a little limb bow. Made for a kid. 17 lbs at 20 inches.  It is a bendy handle bow with no rest.  

"Bleeding Heart"

This was my daughter's bow.  20 lbs at 20" It is all osage with a small curly maple handle.  It has heart shaped string nocks with bleeding heart design painted on the back and a little bit of glitter thrown on for fun.  This bow has served her well, she placed at numerous OSTA shoots, and she has won "Shooter of the Year"