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Honeysuckle Woodworks is committed to providing quality wood and wood products at a reasonable price. We specialize in highly figured woods for gun stocks, instruments, furniture, and tabletops/bar tops. Matt has 20+ years experience in the wood and forestry industry. He also does forestry consulting. 

We are currently working on getting our inventory online, check our store out here.  But if you don't find the wood you are looking for feel free to contact us below.

 -March 2018

Check out our Facebook live video with Djuana Tucker at the Kalamazoo Living History Show.  As a side note, if you ever have a chance to take her quillwork class, I highly recommend it.  She does exceptional quill work and is a patient and encouraging teacher.    

Check out Mike Beliveau's York County build that was stocked using one our of curly hard maple stocks. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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